Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crockpot Roast

This is my version of "BEEF STEW". . . You could always add more veggies if you like.

1 Rump Roast or 1 package of beef stew meat (its already chunked)
1/2 package Baby carrots
5 Potatoes, cut into chunks
1 pkg. Onion soup mix
3/4 can Coke

Place roast on bottom of crockpot. Arrange carrots and potatoes around the roast or if you use the beef chunks you can mix them in with the chunks. Rub onion soup mix into the roast or sprinkle over everything. Pour the can of coke over everything. Cook 8 hours on low.
Its always REALLY tender and awesome flavor!
Like I said you could add more veggies like celery or even cabbage would be good!

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