Thursday, December 1, 2011

Healthy smoothies

I know I have posted on here before about smoothie recipes but I decided it was worth another post. My 2 year old is really picky about her food and I struggle to get her to eat healthy. However,she will drink a "smooie" faster then you can make it. So here is my "recipes" to get some healthy food in her!

Spinach Fruit Smoothie
We all know spinach is a super veggie! It has tons of good nutrients and alot of Iron which I myself am low in right now being pregnant. You cant taste it at all in the smoothie!

In a blender add some juice of your choice. Usually about 1 cup worth is what I put in.
Then add a handful of washed fresh spinach
Then I always add 1 banana
Then add whatever fruit you want. I always keep frozen fruit on hand for smoothies. I usually use a handful of blueberries, handful of raspberries and handful of mango pieces. But you can use any really. Whatever you have on hand!

And thats mainly the base, mix it in the blender well and serve!
Sometimes I add yogurt if we have some, sometimes not.

Avacado Banana smoothie
1/2 avacado, cut into chunks, skin off
1 banana
1 spoonful chocolate cocoa powder or some chocolate syrup
1 cup Orange juice or Milk

In a blender mix together. I always use Orange juice because my daughter has a milk allergy but Im sure you could use milk. This smoothie taste like banana bread!
Avacado is another veggie that is full of nutrients. I hate the texture but in smoothies I dont know its there!