Friday, October 10, 2008

Easy Chocolate Cake

My Pampered chef lady made this the night of my party. . . . .

All you have to do is mix together a regular Chocolate cake mix like the box says.
(You can use milk chocolate, Chocolate, dark chocolate, German Chocolate, Devils food. . . )
Pour the prepared cake batter in a microwave safe dish, the lady used a round bundt pan but you could use any kinda of bowl that is mic safe.
Then take a can of Store bought Frosting. She used Milk chocolate but you can use whatever kind of chocolate you want. Drop it by spoonfuls on the cake mix. DO NOT STIR IT IN. Just let it sit on the top. Then Microwave for 15 minutes, you might want to watch it since Microwave are all different. I would set the timer for 10 minutes and check it. Then when its done place it on a plate or serving plate. What happens is the frosting sinks to the bottom of the bowl while its cooking and then when you dump the cake out the frosting is all on the top of the cake. Its so yummy!

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