Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Ok, I made chili last night and my husband said it was the best I have ever made, which is funny cause I didnt really follow a recipe. Lol.
But here is the recipe I made up/part of one recipe/part of another. . .

1 # Ground Beef, cooked
1 Roll of Chili with Beans. (Red package shaped like a roll I buy in the meat section at Walmart. )
1 Can Red Kidney Beans, UNDRAINED
5 Cups Water
Chili Powder
Brown Sugar

In a big pot put 5 cups water and the roll of Chili with Beans. Cook until the roll has dissolved. Add Kidney Beans, hamburger and Chili Powder, I just dumped chili powder until it tasted right. I used probably about 2 T. Spoons?? Stir. Then add some Ketchup and Brown sugar. Again I just dump. Ketchup was probably about 1/4 Cup and the Brown sugar about the same. You can add more brown sugar if you like a sweeter Chili or less if you dont.
Simmer on low for 1/2 hour or more.

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Chelsa said...

i'm so not good w/ "Just adding" lol it makes me nervous- unless i'm not trying to make something of someone else's. lol i'm a dork